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KEP Cromo 2.0 Helmet - White Polish Rosegold

KEP Cromo 2.0 Helmet - White Polish Rosegold

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KEP Cromo 2.0-White Polish Rose Gold

  • Shell-Polish White
  • Frame-Rose Gold
  • Grid-Rose Gold
  • Subgrid-Rose Gold
  • Button- Rose Gold
  • Chin Strap- Beige
  • KEP Logo- Grey

The Cromo 2.0 by KEP is the furthest development of the popular KEP model, Cromo. Thanks to the Crromo 2.0's innovative plug-in system, it is possible to replace the panels and the visor, allowing the helmet to be adapted to one's own needs both visually and functionally in just a few steps. Underneath the front panel is a chip with integrated NFC technology, which further improves safety. In combination with the KEP app, health-related data can be saved so that important data can be accessed in an emergency and first aid can be provided if necessary. The Cromo 2.0 is characterized by its optimized ventilation system and guarantees sufficient air circulation, which can be individually adjusted. The adjustable chin strap is made of leather and and sewn by hand. It promises a comfortable and secure fit of the Cromo 2.0 due to the 5-point system.

Front panels can be changed by using a Philips head #01 screwdriver*



Please list your size and either round or long oval at checkout. For special orders, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Materials for optimal safety

  • highest wearing comfort
  • leather chin strap
  • replaceable panels
  • replaceable visor
  • integrated chip with NFC technology
  • safety standards CE VG1 01.040 2014-12, ASTM F1163-15
  • design and manufacturing made in Italy

Perfect fit

  • chinstrap with 5-point system
  • click closure
  • replaceable, comfortable inlay

Effective ventilation system

  • individually adjustable ventilation grids
  • maximum ventilation inside the helmet

Do you know if you have an oval or round head? KEP Italia has created a system were there are is the option for Round or Oval shaped liners. The goal is to have a liner that creates even pressure all the way around your head, not tighter or looser on the sides, front, or back compared to the rest. Which below describes your head the best?

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