Deniro Leather Care Instructions

DeNiroBootCo riding boots are designed for durability and are made with the finest quality leathers to ensure performance and protection. Take these following simple steps to care for them.

Calfskin (WRAT) leather (generally used in most field boots as well as many dressage boots) is easy to care for because of the treatment performed during the tanning process that protects the leather and maintains the natural elasticity and resistance of the leather. We suggest removing dirt and sand with a soft damp cloth and then allow the boots to dry. Next, use a small quantity of Nourishing Cream with a soft cloth or sponge and polish using circular movements.

For black boots use: Black Nourishing Cream

For any other color boot use: Natural Nourishing Cream

Brushed leather requires extra care. Use the same process as above, paying careful attention to use only the brushed leather boot gel (clear white gel). Use only a soft natural fiber cloth; never use a brush or rough-fiber cloth that can streak the leather and damage the brushed leather effect. Finish the process by polishing with a cotton or woolen cloth, similar to the soft black boot bags they come with. Let the boots dry fully and absorb the product. 

For all colors brushed leather use: Brushed Leather Gel150ml.

Store your boots in an upright position, with boot trees inserted.

The next best thing for ANY boots is to use cedar foot inserts (ladies, mens). This helps reduce cracking in the foot and maintains the beautiful shape of your boot. This is one step we can't emphasize enough!

Store your boots in a dry place and away from heater vents etc. 

It is not recommended to use saddle conditioner or saddle oil on your boots as this interferes with the finish and prevents them from achieving a beautiful shine.

Zippers: Use a soft brush to wipe away any debris-this is good to do often.

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