Deniro Leather Care Instructions

DeNiroBootCo riding boots are designed for durability and are made with the finest quality leathers to ensure performance and protection. Take these following simple steps to care for them.

WRAT Calfskin leather is easy to care for because of the treatment performed during the tanning process that protects the internal leather fibers to maintain the natural elasticity and resistance of the leather with usage. We suggest removing dirt and sand with a soft, natural fiber damp cloth and then allow the boots to dry. Next, use a small quantity of the DeNiroBootCo Nourishing Cream with a soft, natural fiber cloth and polish using circular movements. Nourishing Cream 50ml, Nourishing Cream 200ml natural, Nourishing Cream 200ml black 

Brushed leather requires extra care. Use the same process as above, paying careful attention to use only the brushed leather boot gel supplied with the boots (clear white gel). Use only a soft natural fiber cloth; never use a brush or rough-fiber cloth that can streak the leather and damage the brushed leather effect. Finish the process by polishing with a cotton or woolen cloth, similar to our soft black boot bags. Let the boots dry fully and absorb the product. Silicone Gel

Store your boots in an upright position, with boot trees inserted as well as cedar foot inserts (ladies, mens), in a dry place and away from artificial heat sources. Avoid contact with detergents or other harsh substances (such as salt, limestone, ammonia) that may stain or alter the leather. To preserve the functionality and durability of the zipper, we recommend removing dirt from the tab and zipper teeth using a soft brush after every use.