Helmet Accident Replacement Policy

If you were involved in a riding accident, it is paramount that you replace your helmet. The materials used in riding helmets is specifically designed to withstand a single impact. Once an impact has occurred, the helmet is considered compromised and may not protect you in a secondary accident. Please keep in mind that the impact does not have to happen while riding. Dropping a helmet onto concrete or hard flooring can also damage the internal structures, even if there is not obvious external damage.

For your safety, Olson's tack shop along with all helmet manufacturers highly recommend replacing your helmet after every accident. Since a helmet can be an investment, the following manufacturers offer a replacement policy for helmets involved in a riding accident.



Olson's Tack Shop believes in safety first and recognizes the importance of proper helmet protection. While KEP Helmets don't offer a standard crash replacement program, we at Olson's are committed to supporting our customers.

We offer the following replacement policy for KEP helmets:
KEP Smart: 15% discount on a new KEP Smart helmet up to 36 months from the original purchase date, regardless of visible damage to the accident-involved helmet.
KEP Cromo 2: 20% discount on a new KEP Cromo 2 helmet up to 36 months from the original purchase date, regardless of visible damage to the accident-involved helmet

Please note:

  • To be eligible for this discount, the original KEP helmet must have been purchased from Olson's Tack Shop.
  • The accident-involved helmet must be returned to Olson's within 30 days of the accident.
  • The discount applies to the purchase of a new KEP Smart or KEP Cromo 2 helmet of the same or similar model, subject to availability.

For inquiries or to initiate the return process, please contact Olson's Tack Shop at 425-454-9453 or info@olsonstack.com

Charles Owen:

As of September 1, 2021, Charles Owen will be processing the helmet accident replacements for riders involved in a horseback riding accident directly through their website, for any Charles Owen helmet purchased within three (3) years of the accident. The owner of the accident helmet will need to complete and electronically submit the “Accident Form” to Charles Owen to receive a discounted replacement helmet. This form can be found on the Charles Owen website at http://www.charlesowen.com/accident-report

The replacement program is as follows:
50% off wholesale during the 1st year of ownership
35% off wholesale during the 2nd year of ownership
20% off wholesale during the 3rd year of ownership


Replacement policy for all/any style helmet involved in a horseback riding accident ONLY, must include the original receipt, must have been purchased within the last 12 months, and must include a descriptive letter of the accident signed and dated by the rider. The original helmet that was involved in the accident must be returned in order for a replacement to be issued.

Per GPA policy, only one accident replacement per new helmet purchased is allowed. No accident replacements will be allowed for a helmet originally purchased as an accident replacement.

Replacement costs as of January 1st 2020 will be 50% of the value of the helmet being replaced plus a $25 shipping charge.


Samshield will replace the helmet at 15% off of retail within 4 years of purchase. The helmet, a letter describing the accident, and receipt of purchase is required.


KASK believes in safety first, and will gladly replace any helmet involved in a horseback riding accident at a 20% discount up to 24 months from the purchase date.

The owner must fill out a Crash Replacement Form (available at Olson's) and the original helmet must be sent back with the paperwork.

One K

One K firmly believes that any helmet involved in a riding accident should be replaced and not worn again.

One K handles accident returns directly. Please follow the link below for instructions on returning your damaged helmet and receiving a discounted replacement: www.onekhelmets.com/replacement-policy

Phoenix Performance Products (Tipperary):

IMPORTANT: Helmets involved in an accident/impact should not be worn again. Please complete the Accident Report and contact us to see if we need to collect your damaged helmet for research purposes. If not, please cut off the harness to ensure no one uses it again and properly dispose of it.

The Tipperary Accident Replacement Program allows you to replace a helmet that has been damaged in an accident for 50% off of the current retail price (plus shipping & handling). 

This replacement discount is valid for up to 2 years from the date of purchase. Helmets that have been damaged through misuse or dropping do not qualify. In order to qualify, you must have completed a Product Registration form online, or have a copy of your original purchase receipt with the date of purchase. 

Additionally, please complete this accident report so we may provide information about your accident to the valuable and ongoing research around equestrian accidents: Accident Report

To process your replacement, please email a copy of your receipt to Customer Care. Your accident form will be automatically emailed to the Customer Care Team.

Customer Care:
T: 888 313 8842 toll free
T: 905 738 9944
E: info@tipperaryequestrian.com