Saddle Shopping FAQ

  • 17.5" CWD SE32, 3C Flap, Medium Wide (4.5") Tree

    Saddle Decoding

    Need help decoding the stamp or measurement on the saddle. Hope this helps!

    Saddle FAQ 
  • Taking A Wither Tracing

    One of the first steps in your saddle search should be a proper tracing of your horse's back.

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  • Saddle Shopping

    This page is designed to give you the tools to help you find the perfect saddle.

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  • Checking Fit

    Checking saddle fit should be a regular part of your routine. Proper saddle fit is a critical part of a harmonious relationship between horse and rider.

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  • Sell Your Saddle

    Consign your saddle with us! We offer over 75 years of experience and knowledge to ensure a swift and efficient consigning process.

    Consignment Policy 
  • Test Ride A Saddle

    It is our pleasure to allow you, as our valued customer, the opportunity to take the saddle you have selected ”on trial” before purchasing.

    Saddle Trial Policy 
  • Schedule Your In-Store Saddle Fitting

    Whether you are looking for a used or new saddle we have an experienced team ready to help you!

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  • Prestige Tree Adjustment

    Saddle adjustments are done in store only and take a minimum of 36hrs.

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