Saddle Fittings


Whether you are looking for a used or new saddle we have an experienced team ready to help you!

Olson's offers on site saddle fittings for new and used Butet and Prestige saddles. The $150 fee covers fittings within a 35 miles radius of zip code 98004 (additional fees may apply).Our saddle fitters will discuss with you prior to your fitting what your goals are and what we are able to help with. During your appointment your horse will be evaluated both in and out of the arena. After we determine which saddles work best for both you and your horse, we will begin a riding analysis to further compare saddle-fit with movement. You will have the opportunity to ride in a few models/sizes to determine what works best. 


Need help with a used saddle that we have in our consignment department but maybe not a Prestige or Butet? No worries! Our team of saddle fitters in-store specialize in fitting and selecting saddles for every type of rider, horse, & budget. Our in-house evaluations can be done by discussion and detailed photos to best direct you to great fit. Please text us to see how we can help you!

Pease text/call 425-454-9453 with questions or to set up a saddle fitting appointment.


Pictured- Our resident saddle fitter, Courtney. Courtney has been our resident saddle fitter for over 10 years! Here she is taking an advance fitting technique class at the Prestige manufacturing plant in Italy. Her ongoing education includes Master Saddler courses and work with top saddle fitters throughout the world such as Carsten Englke, Greg Brewer, and Audrey Samara.