Rent the Butet Practice Saddle

Whether you are considering purchasing a practice saddle of your own, or you would like to rent ours for a few weeks of intense position lessons, we are happy to offer our practice saddle for rental.

To rent, please purchase either one or two weeks of time HERE.

The basics:

  • Rental time must be paid for in full, including shipping, before the saddle will leave the shop. When shipping outside the state of Washington you will not pay sales tax!
  • Shipping within the continental US is a flat rate of $75. Shipping rates to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada will be assessed at checkout.
  • Save the original shipping box and original packing materials. Please inspect the box for damage that it may have incurred on its way to you. Please use the same box and materials when returning the saddle to us.
  • The saddle will arrive to you with leathers and irons attached. If returned without these items, a $500 fee will be assessed.
  • You are responsible for the saddle when it is in your care. Please keep it covered and in a secure area at all times when it is not being used.
  • Please do not clean or oil the saddle with any products. Keep free of dust and debris with a damp cloth.
  • To return, send the saddle via traceable carrier and email tracking to
  • Should you wish to purchase a practice saddle of your own after renting ours, the rental fee (less shipping charges) will be treated as a deposit and applied toward your new one.
  • Saddles returned with excessive wear or damage will be charged a damage fee to be determined by Olson's Tack Shop.
  • You must notify us before the end of your rental period if you will be unable to ship the saddle back to us on or before the agreed-upon return date. Should we not hear from you, the saddle will be considered sold and you will be charged in it's entirety.
  • All rental and shipping charges must be paid in full and a credit must be on file with Olson's Tack Shop before the saddle will ship to you. If rental time is purchased online you will receive a call to collect this information and answer any questions prior to the practice saddle leaving the shop.