Custom Boots at Olson's

In-store boot fittings are by appointment. Schedule a time that is convenient and we will take care of the rest! To schedule your boot fitting contact us via text/phone 425-454-9453 or email 

Not near us? Not a problem! We do remote Zoom fittings all the time.

Ready to order custom boots? Simply pay for your boot deposit and we will connect with you to discuss your custom boot order as soon as we are able.

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What To Expect At Your Zoom Fitting

  • Plan approximately 30 minutes for your appointment.
  • Wear your breeches and riding socks.
  • If possible have a friend handy to help.
  • Measure on a solid surface-not carpet if possible.
  • Have a tape measure that reads in centimeters.
  • Have post-it notes or masking tape to mark certain points on your leg while measuring.
  • Let your assistant do the measuring and don't twist to see what they're doing-this makes for inaccurate measurements.

A few things to keep in mind:

Custom boots are made-to-order. They generally take between 8 and 10 weeks depending on which brand and style you choose. Please plan accordingly if you are hoping to have them for a show or event. At this a rush fee of $165 is possible which expedites the order to approximately 3/4 weeks instead of 8/10. Please be aware this can change depending upon options chosen and other factors.

Our team has spent years perfecting our fitting technique, working with a multitude of boot manufacturers, and fitting thousands of boots for happy customers. We know that the decision to design and order a custom pair of boots is a big one, and we take our job very seriously. Don't be surprised if we ask a lot of questions as we want these to be perfect!

Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Please give us a call or shoot us a text at 425-454-9453. We have a wide range of resources and would love to discuss making your dream a reality.

Kingsley Boots

The beautiful thing on the Kingsley site with when you build a boot it gives you real time options and pricing! Options are endless! View leather swatches here before designing your stunning new boots!

Click HERE To Design Your Boots!
  • Capri 01/02

    A premium dressage boot with a reinforced outer shaft and high Spanish cut. The 01 model features a wide cut ankle while the 02 features a more tapered ankle. The Capri is fully customizable with premium top designs and Kingsley Leathers.

  • Lexington 01/02

    A base model dressage boot with high Spanish cut and reinforced outer. Choose from 9 base colors (Kingsley Aspen Leather) as well as Kingsley's Jenny Top in any Kingsley leather. This is the perfect dressage boot for a rider wanting a custom boot at a reasonable price!

  • Orlando 01/02

    A lace up boot which allows for up to 2 cm of adjustability. With your choice of a back zip (01) or inside zip (02), this boot features a narrower ankle and is fully customizable.

  • London

    A polo style boot with either top buckle only (01) or both top and bottom buckle (02). Features a wider cut ankle and is fully customizable.

  • Infinity

    An all purpose boot that is stylish and elegant. Featuring infinity shaped stitching up the front. This model does not allow for top designs but can be customized using any Kingsley leather.

Deniro Boots

Since 1981, world class boots DeNiroBootCo is synonymus with quality, attention to details, innovation, style and research in the equestrian field!

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DeNiro Top Options

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DeNiro Boot Prices (subject to change, customizations may affect pricing):

  • Brushed/patent leg/foot $168
  • Crystal/Decoration GG/GT (exceptions below) $193-$225
  • GGS 71-73, 76, 78-79 $373
  • Elastic gussets $242
  • Heel in different leather $70
  • Toe in different leather $37
  • Matching spur straps in silver, gold, or rose gold buckles $48
  • Matching spur covers $48

You can view the entire Deniro Boot Catalog showing all options by clicking here.

You can view the entire Deniro Boot Catalog showing all models by clicking here.

You can view the Deniro size chart by clicking here.

You can print the order form by clicking here.

Get help with measurements by clicking here.

  • Black

  • Caffé

  • Brown 527

  • Oxford

  • Brandy

  • Cotto

  • Ambra

  • Burgundy

  • Mosto

  • Blue Navy

  • Blue Oceano

  • Anthracite

  • Fume

  • Grey

  • Foresta

Custom Leather

Leather outside of the WRAT Calfskin range will incur a $168 upcharge. Please note that swatches provide a basis for what the boot may look like, however as each boot is hand crafted, there will be variations in how the leather will appear in the final product.

  • Brushed Black

  • Brushed Brown

  • Brushed Oxford

  • Brushed Burgundy

  • Brushed Blue Navy

  • Brushed Grey

  • Brushed Green

  • Brushed Fondente

  • Brushed Cuolo

  • Patent Black

  • Patent Moka

  • Patent Electric Blue

  • Patent Glicine

  • Patent Electric Pink

  • Patent Burgundy

  • Patent Fuscia

  • Patent Electric Red

  • Patent Blue Navy

  • Patent Grey

  • Patent Prugna

  • Patent Vinaccia

  • Patent White

  • Patent Rosa Antico

  • Caprice Calfskin Black

  • Caprice Calfskin Moka

  • Caprice Nuvolato Caffe

  • Caprice Nuvolato Nocciola

  • Caprice Yellow Brown

  • Caprice Navy

  • Caprice Panna

  • Caprice White

  • Camoscio Black

  • Camoscio Moka

  • Camoscio Legno

  • Camoscio Beige

  • Camoscio Blue

  • Camoscio Grigio

  • Camoscio White

  • Montus Black

  • Montus Caffe

  • Montus Tan

  • Montus Stone

  • Montus Brown Sand

  • Montus Blue

  • Montus Grey

  • Greta Brown

  • Greta Burgundy

  • Greta Blue

  • Greta Green

  • Greta Grey Black

  • Malibu Black

  • Malibu Moka

  • Malibu Oxford

  • Malibu Camel

  • Malibu Wine

  • Malibu Blue

  • Malibu Mosto

  • Malibu Senape

  • Malibu Brown

  • Malibu Lux Viola

  • Malibu Lux Beige

  • Malibu Lux Nero

  • Malibu Lux Avio

  • Malibu Lux Senape

  • Malibu Lux Blu

  • Malibu Lux Bronzo

  • Lucidi Black

  • Lucidi Moka

  • Lucidi Blue

  • Lucidi Porpora

  • Lucidi Burgundy

  • Lucidi Grey

  • Lucidi Sand

  • Lucidi Lillia

  • Lucidi Avio

  • Lucidi Bistro

  • Lucidi Brandy

  • Lucidi Sfumato Grigio

  • Lucidi Sfumato Blu

  • Lucidi Sfumato Viola

  • Lucidi Sfumato Bronzo

  • Lucidi Sfumato Verde

  • Regal Black

  • Regal Brown

  • Regal Pink

  • Regal Blue

  • Animalier Kamari 940

  • Animalier Alix 940

  • Animalier Maculatea


  • Animalier Cobra

  • Animalier Roccia

  • Animalier Pitone

  • Sakara Grey

  • Sakara Blue

  • Sakara Pink

  • Bolgheri Grey

  • Bolgheri Blue

  • Bolgheri Brown

  • Roseto Black

  • Roseto Grey

  • Roseto Blue

  • Roseto Petrolio

  • Roseto Green

  • Roseto Brown

  • Roseto Bronzo

  • Roseto Viola

  • iRide Pink

  • iRide Blue

  • iRide Grey

  • iRide Brown

  • iRide Black

  • Blanca Calf Black

  • Blanca Calf Brown

  • Crack Black

  • Crack White

  • Stardust Electric Blue

  • Stardust Burgundy

  • Stardust Black

  • Stardust Grey

  • Stardust Blue

  • Stardust Brown

  • Intreccio Blu

  • Intreccio Argento