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Silicone Gel For Brushed Leather 150mL

Silicone Gel For Brushed Leather 150mL

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DeNiro Silicone gel cream to be used on all colors of brushed leather DeNiro boots.


Boot Care Information:

DeNiro boots are designed for durability and are made with the finest quality
leathers to provide performance and protection. To ensure that your boots will stay looking and performing their best, follow the instructions below.

Remove dirt and sand with a damp, soft, natural fiber cloth and then allow the
boots to dry. Next, use a small amount of the DeNiro Silicone Gel with a soft, natural fiber cloth and polish using circular movements. Use only the silicone gel on brushed leather.

Use only a soft natural fiber cloth; never use a brush or rough-fiber cloth that can cause streaks and damage the brushed leather effect. Finish the process by polishing with a cotton or woolen cloth, similar to our soft black boot bags. Let the boots dry fully and absorb the product.

Store your boots in an upright position, with boot trees inserted, in a dry place and away from artificial heat sources. Avoid contact with detergents or other harsh substances (such as salt, limestone, ammonia) that may stain or alter the leather.

To preserve the functionality and durability of the zipper, we recommend removing dirt from the tab and zipper teeth using a soft brush after every use. You can also periodically apply some vegetable oil to the zipper to clean and preserve it. Always make sure the zipper is completely open when removing the boot.

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