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DeNiro Volare Field Boot XXL Calf

DeNiro Volare Field Boot XXL Calf

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Meet the newest field boot from DeNiro!

  • Ribbed Vibram sole for maximum comfort and traction.
  • Special calfskin treatment means the leather fits like a glove but is waterproof and more durable than other leathers on the boot market.
  • Inside panel provides maximum grip while maintaining a super soft contact with the horse.
  • Durable elastic panel goes all the way down into the ankle area to provide the slimmest fit on the market.
  • Sock protector prevents socks from getting zipped up! Stitched to stay up for ease of use.
  • Heavy duty zipper for durability.

XXL Calf Size.

Boot Sizing Information -

Measuring- Please use a soft cloth tape measure in centimeters, wear your normal breeches and riding socks. We find it helpful to ask a friend for help with this part.

Foot Size - Please convert your US foot size to EU using the chart shown.

Available in Wide Foot

Height Measurement - When measuring the height we ask that you have a slight bend in your leg and find the outside corner crease behind your knee. For reference, try to feel for the ligament behind your knee as your starting point of measurement. Follow your leg to the ground to find the calf height in cm.

Calf Measurement - When measuring the width of your calf we suggest you be sitting with your leg at a 90 degree angle. Find the widest point of your calf and measure with a subtle tension against your leg.

When measuring please note that measurements can be adjusted to create a custom and semi-custom fitted boot with additional charges. If you are finding that you are in between sizes please contact us to help guide you to the best fit.

Boot Care Information

WRAT Calfskin Leather - Remove dirt and sand with a damp cloth or towel, allow to dry completely then gently rub or buff the DeNiro nourishing cream into the leather in a circular motion.

BRUSHED Leather - Follow the WRAT leather cleaning directions being careful to use only the DeNiro boot gel ( Non - colored product ) and a soft cloth to complete the polishing process with circular motions lightly into the leather.

Boot storage and long term care - To keep the boots in excellent condition we recommend storing the boots in dry warm locations when not in use, boot trees to ensure the boot stays in the upright position and taking a soft brush ( tooth brush works well ) to the zipper to remove excess dirt.

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