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Prestige Saddle Tree Adjustment

Prestige Saddle Tree Adjustment

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Perhaps the most unique quality of ALL Prestige trees are it's ability to be widened or narrowed depending on the shape of each individual horse. Even when the shape of the horse changes due to age or muscling, the saddle is still entirely useable with a simple adjustment. Unlike other adjustable trees, the Prestige tree is designed to be altered without dismantling the saddle in any way.

Olson's Tack is proud to be the only dealer on the West coast with an in house Prestige saddle tree adjustment machine. Our saddle team has been authorized to adjust all Prestige saddles. Saddle adjustments are done in store only and take a minimum of 36hrs.

Next Steps, Before You Send Your Saddle:
  1. We of course will need your saddle, but don't ship it just yet!
  2. Take two photos of your saddle girthed up on the horse you are trying to fit. Place the saddle on your horse's back without a saddle pad and girth it on normally. Ensure that the point of the tree is 2"-3" behind the horses shoulder blade. This applies to dressage AND jumping saddles since it allows the horse's front legs to move freely.
    • PHOTO 1: should be a side-on conformation shot showing your entire horse (all four feet!) preferably on level ground.  This gives us a sense of the overall balance of the saddle from front to back.
    • PHOTO 2: should be of the tree angle at the shoulder. Stand at your horse's nose and take a step to the right or left.  Take the photo of the horse's shoulder and the front edge of the saddle. This photo gives us an idea of how well (or poorly) the angle of the saddle's tree points aligns with the angle of your horse's shoulder.
  3. Text these photos to 425-454-9453. Include your shipping address & name in the text. Please include any additional information that would be useful in evaluating the fit, including wither tracings.
Once you have heard back from us with confirmation and OK to ship, you can ship your saddle to us at:

Olson's Tack Shop
Attn: Saddle Department
11408 NE 2nd PL
Bellevue, WA 98004
You are responsible for shipping to and from Olson's Tack Shop. Return shipping charge is $95 to any continental U.S. address. Expedited shipping and shipping to addresses outside the continental U.S. will be charged at the actual shipping rate.
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