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17.5" Tota Evolution, Wide (5.5") Tree, Forward Flap

17.5" Tota Evolution, Wide (5.5") Tree, Forward Flap

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Tree Width
Seat Size


Seat Size: 17.5" seat size.

Seat Depth: Deep seat

Twist: Medium twist

Tree Size: The tree size measured 5.5" which is what we consider a wide tree. 

Color: Black.

Condition: Good condition. 2019. This saddle has cosmetic scratches on the seat and cantle, normal wear on the flaps and billets. 

Panels: Velcro Panels. Wool Flocked.

Gullet: The gullet measures 3" at the widest point from the pommel to the cantle.

Flap: Stamped Forward flaps. The flap length measures 16" from the bottom of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap.

Knee Rolls / Thigh Blocks: Large front external blocks

Serial Number: see photo


Please remember when looking at used saddles that every saddle is uniquely built. Between what looks like the same saddle there maybe some subtle differences. Saddles may have been customized for the horse and rider they were originally made for. The staff at Olson's Tack Shop do their best to give accurate approximate measurements from the stamp readings. This service is a courtesy and is not a guarantee of size or fit. Thank you for your understanding.

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