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Butet Symmetric Girth - 2 End Elastic

Butet Symmetric Girth - 2 End Elastic

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Expertly handcrafted in Saumur, France, the Butet Straight Girth boasts a classic symmetric design and four elastic straps at the ends. Made from premium cow hide and lined with luxurious calfskin, this girth offers superior comfort and durability. Featuring roller buckles to prevent damage to the girth straps, this girth is available in the rich Cachou color option.

Care Tips

Caring for leather saddles and accessories is essential to ensure they remain beautiful and durable. It is also a matter of safety: while you clean your leather, you take time to inspect your saddle and accessories which can avoid tears, for example.

We advise you to use the Akene product range for the daily care of your leathers.

1. Cleaning your saddle or leather: with a damp sponge and Akene glycerine soap after each use.
2. Nourishing the leather: apply Akene cream with a damp sponge to thoroughly nourish the leather once or twice a month.
3. Restoring shine: Akene oil helps restore shine to dry or damaged leathers. Apply it once or twice a year.

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