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Juuls Show Coat - Poudre Pink

Juuls Show Coat - Poudre Pink

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Elevate your riding with the Juuls show coat. Made from luxurious tech sport merino wool that forms to you like a second skin, allowing full freedom of movement. This jacket also boasts odor and bacteria resistance. Stay looking sharp for years to come with the dirt and water repellent coating. Sparkle in any ring with beautiful Swarovski details on the collar.

Why do we prefer wool over tech fabrics?
  • Simply-better performance.  
  • Breathability-In contrast to synthetic materials found in other jackets, wool is 100% naturally breathable.  
  • Shape-The all natural fibre of wool is elastic meaning it stretches with the wearer, then like magic returns to its natural shape.  This means less chance of sagging or losing their shape.
  • Temperature Control- Merino wool's process of vapor transfer results in cooler muscles that are able to work at higher levels of intensity.

Juuls show jackets keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

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