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Schulz 1912 Leather Helmet Bag

Schulz 1912 Leather Helmet Bag

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Remove your helmet, and drop it right in. The Schulz 1912 Helmet Bag makes helmet storage effortless. Sized for standard helmets (not all wide brims will fit).

This leather helmet bag by Schulz is both beautiful & functional. The perfect accessory for travelling with your helmet, or storing at home - this helmet bag has several key features that set it apart from the rest. A recycled polyester outer with molded leather accents gives this bag its sleek look. Designed to be compatible with the Schulz Boot Bag, the helmet bag also features a convenient & secure docking system to attach to the boot bag**. 

  • Padded base with magnetic U to keep your helmet safe and secure  
  • Helmet orientation for easy access 
  • Double pocket for gloves and personal items  
  • Ring hooks for a shoulder strap 
  • Padded handle 
  • Patent-pending Metis dock system to attach to the 1912 Boot Bag 
  • Water-resistant zippers for easy cleaning

**Boot Bag separately

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