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Olson's Leather Dressing - 8oz

Olson's Leather Dressing - 8oz

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Olson's very own all-natural leather dressing!

We wanted a product to condition and protect leather saddles and strap goods. This blend of beeswax, seed oils, and naturally occurring lipids protects, waterproofs, and restores the luster of your investment.

Recommended for use on:

Bridles: Otto Schumacher, Butet, Prestige, Bridle2Fit, Ovation
Saddles: All types of leather from buffalo to calfskin
Extra hard working pieces: Flash straps, billets, car seats, handbags

To use:

1. Clean away dirt, buildup, and other surface contaminants (we recommend our leather cleaner)
2. Apply a small amount of Leather Dressing onto a clean cloth or sponge
3. Rub in gentle circular motions until leather is fully coated
4. Dry for approximately 1 hour
5. Apply more coats if needed
6. Let cure for 24 hours
The ingredients are safe for leather, skin, and those you love.

8 oz pump bottle

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