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Olson's Leather Cream

Olson's Leather Cream

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Olson's very own all-natural leather cream!

We wanted a good deep conditioner without any harsh chemicals, but it had to really work. This is formulated with a blend of beeswax, seed oils, and lipids.

Recommended for use on:

Bridles: Otto Schumacher, Butet, Prestige, Bridle2Fit, Ovation
Saddles: All types of leather from buffalo to calfskin. Best for new saddles while you're breaking them in, or for saddles that have been unused for months.
Extra hard working pieces: Flash straps, billets, car seats, handbags

To use:

1. Clean dirt, buildup and other surface contaminants
2. Apply a small amount with a sponge
3. Rub in circular motions until the leather is fully coated
4. Let dry for at least 1 hour before use. Apply more coats if needed.
Helps keep your leather resistant to mold, mildew, and rot. The ingredients are safe for leather, skin, and those you love.

8 oz tin

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