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Olson's Leather Cleaner - 8oz

Olson's Leather Cleaner - 8oz

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Olson's very own all-natural leather cleaner!

We wanted a leather cleaner without any harsh chemicals, but it had to really work. This blend of tea tree oils and mineral ph balancers does the trick.

Recommended for use on:

Bridles: Otto Schumacher, Butet, Prestige, Bridle2Fit, Ovation, Edgewood
Saddles: Safe for even the finest calfskin
Boots: Ariat, Deniro, Fabbri Parlanti, Konig and others

To use:

1. Wipe away loose dirt, buildup and surface contaminants
2. Clean by scrubbing in circular motions with a soft sponge or brush
3. Allow leather to dry before conditioning
Helps keep your leather resistant to mold, mildew, and rot. The ingredients are safe for leather, skin, and those you love.

8 oz spray bottle

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