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Lexol Quick Wipes Leather Conditioner

Lexol Quick Wipes Leather Conditioner

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A quick and easy way to condition your leather. These wipes maintains the strength, beauty, utility and flexibility of leather and restores resiliency to old or neglected leather. The oils in Lexol have been modified to facilitate effective distribution of microscopically fine oil droplets which can be more readily absorbed into the leather fibers than other formulas. Replenishing oils will not migrate to the surface to attract dirt and stain clothing. Lexol contains no chemical solvents.


Quick & easy-to-use wipes
Maintains strength & flexibility of your leather
Restores old or neglected leather
Facilitates effective distribution of moisturizing agents
Penetrates deep into the fibers to nourish leather
Contains no chemical solvents
Non-toxic, nonflammable, non-sensitizing to skin
Leaves no tacky residue

25 wipes per container

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