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KEP Cromo Helmet Liner - 1st Generation/Smart

KEP Cromo Helmet Liner - 1st Generation/Smart

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Revive your KEP Helmet with the KEP Italia Black Inner Helmet Liner Pad


If you have a KEP Cromo 2.0 helmet, shop Cromo 2.0 liners. 1st Gen liners will NOT fit into Cromo 2.0 models.

The inner lining is a very important part of the helmet, as the correct fit on the head of the rider depends on it being of the right thickness. KEP Italia’s inner lining comes in one piece and is easily removed and repositioned inside the helmet. 

The fact that the lining corresponds to the rider's head size means that riders who alternate between wearing their hair down or tied up in the helmet, can use two interchangeable linings of different sizes. This feature is also useful for children, whose head size is still growing. Parents can easily buy the next size up and replace a lining that has become too tight, without having to look for a new helmet.

It can be washed by hand in cold water or in the machine at 30°C.

Do you know if you have an oval or round head?

KEP Italia has created a system were there are is the option for Round or Oval shaped liners. The goal is to have a liner that creates even pressure all the way around your head, not tighter or looser on the sides, front, or back compared to the rest.

Which below describes your head the best?

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