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Fager Jasmine Loose Ring Bradoon

Fager Jasmine Loose Ring Bradoon

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The Fager Jasmine Bradoon can be used in two different ways: either with tongue relief, or bar relief.

For tongue relief, this bit is recommended if the horse can be described as the following:

  • Inconsistent contact
  • Pulls up or away when you take up the reins
  • Tries to place their tongue over the bit
  • Fussy in the mouth

For bar relief, turn the bit upside down. This is recommended for horses that can be described as follows:

  • Inconsistent contact
  • Rigid or stiff
  • Chomps on the bit, pulls it back
  • Does not seek contact 
  • Drops the contact
  • Falls behind the hand

The Jasmine bit is a durable, lightweight, single-jointed Titanium bit with a simple and unique design, with the horse's comfort in mind. The whole surface of the bit, including the joints, is 100% smooth to allow for fluidity and freedom in the mouth.

14mm thickness.

The joints are designed so as to never interfere or push against the palate, which makes Jasmine a very comfortable bit. The mouthpiece conforms to the shape of the tongue, while relieving pressure off the bars. It is a perfect choice for horses who are sensitive and prone to cuts or bruising. 

Combined with Fager's Titanium Weymouth, the set weighs as little as 400g, less than a regular double bridle setup!

It is recommended to have the Bridoon the same size as your snaffle, and the Weymouth can be .5-1cm larger.

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