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Fager Fanny Titanium Loose Ring

Fager Fanny Titanium Loose Ring

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The Fanny bit from Fager is a unique bit that offers two different fittings, each with very different actions:

One of the ways creates a front-locking effect, and when turned around there is no locking action.

With the front lock: Recommended for horses that can be described as the following:

  • Inconsistent connection
  • Does not actively seek the contact
  • Drops the bit and/or falls behind the hand

Without the front lock:

  • Inconsistent connection
  • Feels stiff
  • Bites down and attempting to pull the bit back
  • Tries to place the tongue above the bit

The Fanny bit is designed anatomically with comfort in mind. Lightweight, single jointed, and equipped with Fager's own Smart System. This design locks the joint to avoid interference with the palate, therefor avoiding the nutcracker effect. This creates the feel of a classic mullen, but with added flexibility. It creates stability while ensuring free movement and comfort in the mouth. Proven to be greatly appreciated by sensitive horses.

Curved design creates room and allows for tongue freedom, which means a more accepting horse and a refreshed willingness to work. 

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