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Fager Felicia Titanium Weymouth - 5cm

Fager Felicia Titanium Weymouth - 5cm

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Felicia’s mouthpiece is a comfortable, high-ported, back-angled Weymouth made from the fantastic material – Anoblast™.

Anoblast™ is Fager´s unique process which creates the highest quality Titanium bits on the market today. The grey coloring is a natural consequence of the manufacturing process so there is no coloring is added.

The port is designed at a 45° angle over the tongue, to allow the tongue additional space and freedom, which encourages the horse to work forward and down into the contact.

Felicia is a great choice if you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Needs to come forward to the bit.
  • Sensitive to pressure on the tongue.
  • Finds it difficult to relax in a double bridle.
  • Has a smaller mouth conformation than the average horse.


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