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Effax Leather Creamsoap

Effax Leather Creamsoap

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Look no further for an excellent cream soap with natural oils and extracts including avocado oil, coconut oil, and alow vera. This do-it-all cream soap cleans and conditions saddles, bridles, boots, and all other leather products.

It's so gentle, you don't need to use a conditioner after every application like you do with other products.

This innovative gentle cleanser is grease-free, and provides leather with a good grip without leaving any buildup. Follow up with Effax LederSoft,or Lederbalsam, to keep tack supple and free from damage.

Leather Cream-Soap Features:
Natural Ingredients
Cleans and Conditions All Kinds of Leather
Remarkable Nutritive and Protecting Properties
No Water Necessary - Just Apply With a Sponge and Wipe Off
Comes in a Convenient "Flic-Flac" Bottle

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