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Kask Dogma Chrome Light 3.0 - Brown with Silver

Kask Dogma Chrome Light 3.0 - Brown with Silver

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Like all the other models in the collection, the Dogma Chrome helmet has the distinctive features that differentiate KASK from any other riding helmet on the market. The molded outer shell, in ABS, is very resistant and light and the comfortable and breathable inner padding is made of 100% Merino Wool: a natural antibacterial fiber that provides unique levels of breathability and thermoregulation. The inner shell is made with expanded polystyrene and features three levels of densities in order to ensure total shock protection. With two honeycomb-like aeration grids built in the polystyrene, a smart ventilation system in the helmet provides high volumes of cooling airflow, adding extra comfort to the rider. KASK helmets are provided with KASK’s patented self-adapting adjusting system in a carbon look. Introduced for the first time in the equestrian market, the FIT System allows the helmet to perfectly and automatically fit on the rider’s head by gently cradling the back of the head. 

This helmet "as shown" features:

  • Shell: Prestige Brown
  • Frame: Chrome Silver
  • Logo: Chrome Silver
  • Top: Classic Brown
  • Harness: Light Brown

What is new on this version:

  • New Helmet Safety Rating: WG11 (for more information of this safety rating please visit
  • Liner: These new liners are made out of 100% Merino Wool making them more breathable, 3 clips and Velcro attach this liner to the helmet making this liner more comfortable for the wearer, due to the improvements made to these liners they will be able to more comfortably fit both oval and circular head shapes
  • Chinstrap: A new connecting piece in the middle of each chinstrap provides increased comfort where the chinstrap comes in contact with the side of the face

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