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Samshield 2.0 Miss Shield Shadowmatt Helmet - Navy with Blue Crystal Intarsia Top & Frontal Band

Samshield 2.0 Miss Shield Shadowmatt Helmet - Navy with Blue Crystal Intarsia Top & Frontal Band

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Introducing our newest innovation - the Samshield 2.0 miss shield shadowmatt helmet. The miss shield helmet features a wider sun brim that's become very popular in the hunter ring. 

As the result of years of research, this helmet offers riders an unparalleled fit, superior comfort, and optimal airflow without compromising safety. Constructed with advanced materials, this helmet allows riders to fully enjoy their sport with complete freedom.

Please note: Due to differing head shapes, Samshield offers Small, Medium and/or Large shell options in a few sizes. If your head is more oval, choose the smaller shell option. If your head is more round, choose the larger shell option.

  • CE EN1384-17 2023 - ASTM/SEI 2023 certifications
  • Premium Materials - polycarbonate, which is a material used for elite motorcycle helmets
  • Anti-scratch paint
  • The new edging allows 300 Swarovski crystals to be added to the helmet's contours, even in areas of airflow.
  • Optimal airflow thanks to its unique 6-point ventilation system.
  • Perfect fit: new integrated chinstrap for all hairstyles, including the trainer's bun.
  • The semi-rigid chinstrap eliminates any risk of the helmet tipping over in the event of violent movement.
  • Built with memory foam, ensuring constant thickness over years of use.
  • The inner shell is made of variable-density polystyrene for better dissipation of impact energy.
  • This internal comfort foam is removable thanks to a much stronger clip system than the scratch/Velcro system. Allowing it to be washable (max. 30°C) for a consistently clean helmet.
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