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DeNiro Bellini Calfskin Dressage Boot

DeNiro Bellini Calfskin Dressage Boot

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An elegant dressage boot with an updated tapered profile. The Bellini is hand crafted from fine Italian calfskin and is reinforced through the outer calf with four layers of leather. This allows for a stiff lower leg and the steady contact sought after by dressage riders. The calfskin used by DeNiro is "WRAT" leather (water resistant advanced treatment), meaning that your boots will maintain their water resistance, high shine, and elasticity for years. This is not a coating that will wear off, it is integrated into every fiber of the leather and will last the lifetime of the boots.

Comes in black with a full length zipper, hand crafted leather and vibram rubber soles, and a snap top closure with zipper guard.
The ankle and foot are supple and comfortable due to the unique shape of the heel and instep. The spanish-cut top is a very tall height which allows a beautiful streamline look without having to be painfully tall at the back of the knee.

Boot care: WRAT Calfskin Leather - Remove dirt and sand with a damp cloth or towel, allow to dry completely then gently rub or buff the DeNiro nourishing cream into the leather in a circular motion.

Many sizes available in-stock and will ship immediately. Some size combinations will ship in 3-6 weeks. We will contact you with a shipping estimate if this is the case.

Please note, if you do not see your size as a option call or text us at 425-454-9453. We can help with any questions about sizing yourself for a stock pair of boots.

Many custom options available including unique color choices and embellishments.
If you are interested in adding custom options to your boots, please call the store directly at 425-454-9453.

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