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Prestige Anatomic Shaped Dressage Girth - Black

Prestige Anatomic Shaped Dressage Girth - Black

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Made with great care in Italy, the Prestige anatomically shaped dressage girth is designed to allow for optimal comfort for your horse. Its double-tanned, sweat-proof leather with an anatomically shaped design keeps the saddle from slipping and provides additional shoulder freedom. This girth is perfect for a horse with a very forward girth groove. Stainless steel buckles and double loop keepers present a neat, attractive appearance.

The Prestige Anatomically Shaped Dressage Girth Features:

  • Highest Quality Italian Calfskin
  • Double Tanned, Sweat-Proof Leather
  • Anatomical Shape Allows Shoulder Clearance
  • Stainless Steel Roller Buckles
  • Perfect for Horses with Forward Girth Grooves
  • Double Loop Keepers for Neat Attractive Appearance
  • Made in Italy
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