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Adeptus Perservere Electrolytes

Adeptus Perservere Electrolytes

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Persevere is a very unique electrolyte replacement product on the market. The formula contains the key electrolytes lost in horse sweat in correct amounts and ratios. It is based on research findings compiled on actual equine sweat loss studies. In addition to providing these ions in the correct levels, Persevere contains glycine which is an amino acid that helps with electrolyte utilization and absorption. The other unique features of this product are the minimal sugar content. Some sugar is needed to properly absorb electrolytes, but excessive amounts exasperate the stress of sweat loss. Additionally, since it has been found in recent research that sugary and salty electrolytes are very harsh on the gut and can even cause ulcers, Persevere is in a prebiotic digestive aid base which is soothing to digestive tract health. Persevere is a must for horses working in hot and/or humid conditions. It is also a great cold weather product to enhance water consumption to avoid impaction colic.

Features of Perservere:
Scientifically Advanced Electrolyte Formula
Reduces risk of Tying-Up Syndrome
Reduces risk of Thumps
Replenishes Electrolytes Lost in Sweat & Encourages Water Consumption in HOT or COLD conditions
Prebiotic Yeast Base – No Alfalfa & Low Sugar

4 lb. bucket (64 day supply at 1 oz. serving)

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