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Acavallo Contoured Bit Guard

Acavallo Contoured Bit Guard

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With the development and design of the new CONTOURED Gel Bit Guards, Acavallo wanted to implement new standards for this product in terms of its functionality, durability and compliance with different national horse show regulations.

Featuring a concave (curved inward) shape on their inner surface and a convex (curved outward) shape on their outer surface, these bit guards eliminate the need of the formerly used projecting protectors. The advantages of this new design are numerous: Risks of rubbing or chafing on the outer skin of the mouth corners are mitigated, as these sensitive areas remain widely untouched. Furthermore, the bit and the bit rings are free to move more easily. The natural chewing mechanism of the horse is not inhibited in any way.

Once attached to the bit, the special soft gel material keeps the bit guards in their correct position, avoiding rotation or other unwanted movements and enhancing a precise and undisturbed bit control by the rider.

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