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Horse Pilot Twist'Air 2.0 Airbag Vest - Black

Horse Pilot Twist'Air 2.0 Airbag Vest - Black

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Horse Pilot Airbag jacket- designed for optimal protection and comfort. Featuring a sleek design, with stretch fabric for versatile fit, and the latest safety technology. The Airbag Jacket was designed with the help of In&Motion, to create a smart wearable safety vest for riders of all disciplines. This vest can be worn over or under the show coat, and is capable of being worn on its own without a hard-shell vest underneath. 

Provides protection of the abdomen, neck, vertebral column, chest. CE certified by the CRITT Sport Loisirs laboratory (Protocole GEG-001).

  • Mesh paneling on sides and back for breathability
  • Magnetic cable attachment for easy detachment
  • Ergonomic & simplified trigger system

Airbag Vest Purchase Includes:

  • 1 airbag cartridge
  • 1 airbag leash 

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