Conquering Coat Chaos: Grooming Your Horse for Spring

Conquering Coat Chaos: Grooming Your Horse for Spring

Spring is springing, and with it comes the annual shedding extravaganza! While your equine friend might be reveling in warmer weather, you're likely battling mountains of winter coat. Fear not, fellow horse lovers! We are here to help you navigate the shedding season with ease, thanks to our fantastic selection of Leovet products and top-notch shedding tools.


Leovet: Your Partner in Horse Care

Leovet, a trusted name in equine care for over 50 years, offers a range of high-quality products designed to keep your horse healthy and happy. Here are some favorites to incorporate into your grooming routine:

    • Leovet Milton Whitening Shampoo: This game-changer for light-colored horses gently brightens coats and manes, removing yellowing and stains while leaving a brilliant white finish. It's great for bringing out the shine in darker coats as well. 
    • Leovet Hoof Oil or Leovet Hoof Grease: Keep those hooves healthy and strong with these two great nourishing oil options that penetrate deep to prevent cracks and dryness. Perfect for maintaining a healthy hoof barrier.
    • Leovet Mane & Tail Detangler: Say goodbye to pesky knots and tangles with this easy-to-use detangler. It conditions and lubricates hair, making grooming a breeze.
    • Leovet Milton White Shimmer Spray: For light-colored horses who need that extra "wow" factor, this spray combines the stain-removing and whitening power of Milton White with a touch of shimmer. It tackles stubborn stains like urine, manure, and grass while enhancing the natural white color and adding a beautiful, subtle shimmer. 
    • Leovet Silkcare Conditioning Spray: Don't forget the finishing touch! This spray, infused with luxurious silk proteins, adds dazzling shine and strengthens the hair. Its dust and dirt-repelling formula makes grooming easier and keeps your horse looking polished for days.



Shedding Season Saviors: Tools for a Sleek Coat

Now, let's tackle the hair! We carry a wide variety of shedding tools to help you combat the avalanche of fur:

    • Rubber Curry Combs or Jellie Scrubbers: These rubber, classic tools come in various styles to loosen dead hair and stimulate circulation. This is a great first step in any grooming routine.
    • Original SleekEZ: This innovative grooming mitt features specially designed micro-teeth that effortlessly glide through your horse's coat, removing loose hair, dirt, and dander. Gentle yet effective, it's perfect for sensitive horses or areas.
    • Strip Hair Gentle Groomer: This double-edged shedding tool features a stainless steel blade on one side for targeted hair removal and a rubber curry comb on the other for massaging and stimulating circulation. Great for stubborn shedding areas like the mane and tail.
    • Slick 'N Easy Grooming Block: This unique fiberglass block quickly and easily removes loose hair, dust, and dirt from your horse's coat. Lightweight and easy to use, it's a
    • Metal Shedding Blade: For a more aggressive approach, shedding blades quickly remove large amounts of loose hair. Opt for adjustable blades for versatility or consider shedding rakes for a gentler touch.
    • Hands on Grooming Gloves: These handy gloves remove hair and dirt while providing a massage your horse will love. They're also perfect for sensitive areas like the face and legs.


Pro Tips for Shedding Success:

    • Groom daily during shedding season.
    • Start with a curry comb to loosen dirt and hair.
    • Follow with a shedding tool appropriate for your horse's coat type.
    • Finish with a grooming glove for a final polish and massage.
    • Remember to clean your tools regularly for optimal performance.


Don't let shedding season overwhelm you! With the right products and tools, you can have your horse looking sleek and feeling fabulous in no time. Visit us in-store or browse our online selection to find everything you need for a successful spring grooming routine.

Bonus Tip: Ask our friendly staff for personalized recommendations based on your horse's individual needs!

Together, let's make shedding season a breeze and celebrate the arrival of spring with a happy, healthy horse!

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