Prestige Saddles

Prestige Saddles

Prestige Italia was founded back in 1974 by the Stocchetti family. Built on a passion for riding and for the horse, they build saddles based on the morphology of the horse and the comfort and balance needed by the rider. With these principals in mind, they developed a new type of tree design - one built with utmost flexibility to distribute the weight of a rider evenly across the horse's back.

Prestige works closely with top riders and saddle makers across the world to continually improve the design, comfort, and technology of each saddle.

Olson's is thrilled to have access to such an impressive saddle line, and we stand behind the brand as one of the best available for you and your horse. Our saddle fitter Courtney Dale is trained by Prestige in proper fit and adjustment, and Olson's owns the only Prestige tree adjustment machine on the west coast.

Read on to learn more about the technology that makes Prestige saddles so special.

The Prestige Tree:

The polymer tree in all Prestige saddles has been designed to adapt perfectly to the horse, and to help the rider maintain a balanced seat. It is made of a special mix of fibers and requires no metal reinforcement, making it over 2 pounds lighter than a traditional wood tree. Though wood does have some elasticity, it still has "life" in it. For this reason, over time, atmospheric changes alter the characteristics of the wood making it less stable and less resilient. A polymer Prestige tree, however, was purposefully designed to provide the same elasticity as wood while ensuring maximum stability over time.

Prestige is so confident in their trees' longevity that they offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their saddles, except for in the case of an accident.

Perhaps the most unique quality of the Prestige tree it it's ability to be widened or narrowed depending on the shape of each individual horse. Even when the shape of the horse changes due to age or muscling, the saddle is still entirely useable with a simple adjustment. Unlike other adjustable trees, the Prestige tree is designed to be altered without dismantling the saddle in any way. In addition, the entire tree is adjusted, not just the tree points, making for a much better fit along the horse's back.

Olson's Tack is proud to be the only dealer on the West coast with a Prestige saddle tree adjustment machine. Our resident saddle fitter, Courtney Dale, has been authorized to adjust all Prestige saddles.

The Difference Between Wool and Foam Flocking:

Prestige saddles can be ordered in either Flocked or Latex panels. There are advantages to each.

Saddles with Flocked Panels:
Panels are flocked with a synthetic fiber that prevents compression of the material and therefore requires less maintenance. These panes are especially well suited for horses that are asymmetrical between their front and back or vise versa. Flocked panels can also be manipulated by a saddle fitter for a changing back.

Saddles with Latex Panels:
These soft latex panels have reduced weight along the withers and shoulder which allows for greater freedom of movement when airborne. Latex panels cannot be adjusted by a saddle fitter.


Any time you see an "X" in the name of a Prestige saddle (such as the X D1 K) this signifies that the X-technology is present in that saddle.

Comprised of two main elements, X-technology enhances comfort for the horse and rider with a two part system.

The first part is elasticized membranes set into the tree directly below the rider's seat-bones.

The material used is specifically designed to help absorb shock when sitting the gaits. As a result, the rider experiences a softer, more comfortable seat.

The second part of X-technology takes place in the panels of the saddle. The normal panels, stuffed with layers of hide, felt, sponge cloth, and synthetic flocking material have been replaced with new panels made from hide, the customary synthetic flocking material and a new honeycomb material that is highly elastic. The result is a panel that can absorb more movement with less bulk. The X panels allow the rider to sit closer to the horse for greater stability and feel.