• Adjustable Tree

    ALL Prestige trees have the ability to be widened or narrowed depending on the shape of each individual horse. Unlike other adjustable trees, the Prestige tree is designed to be altered without dismantling the saddle in any way.

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  • CPS Technology

    A new technology applied to the tree consisting of three membranes injected into its back section. Two on the sides in the area where the rider’s seat bones are resting, one softer in the center where the seating position generates more load on the spine.

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  • X Technology

    A technology applied to the tree consisting of two membranes positioned in the rear part of the tree, where the rider’s seat bones rest. The membranes help increase the comfort and stability of the rider.

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  • Types of Panels

    Panels are available in flocked and latex Each rider has specific requirements, which is why we have developed two types of panel for a unique comfort and to satisfy all preferences.

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