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Prestige Saddlery: The Rise of Innovative Technology

Last month, Justin, our Prestige Fitter, traded in our PNW rain for some Florida sunshine! We sent him on a trip to further develop his knowledge and understanding of Prestige saddles, and why our partnership with them has continued over so many years. 

Justin was able to train with one of Europe's top fitters, Fillipo Rancatti, to dive deeper in the biomechanics and technology Prestige offers in their saddles. As more innovative features evolve, it's important that saddle design and functionality evolve as well. 

We want to congratulate Justin on obtaining certification for attending the Prestige Basic Clinic 2023, as part of the Prestige Academy. We are proud to have such a committed and talented fitter represent our store. 
Justin at the Prestige Academy
Why do we love Prestige?
Prestige Saddlery is an Italian brand that specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-end equestrian products, including saddles, bridles, and accessories. The company was founded in 1974 by the Di Rocco family, who had a passion for horses and a commitment to excellence in craftsmanship.
Prestige prides themselves on using the finest materials and innovative technologies in their products, resulting in high-quality and durable saddles that provide both comfort and performance for riders and their horses. The brand offers a wide range of saddle models, each designed to meet the specific needs of different disciplines, including dressage, jumping, and eventing.
Visit our website to view our Prestige saddles:
What sets Prestige apart from other brands?
- Innovation: They use high-quality and innovative materials, including natural Italian leather and carbon fiber, to create durable and comfortable saddles that provide enhanced shock absorption and maximize weight distribution. 
- Customization: Options include saddle size, flap length and shape, gullet width, and color. This allows riders to create a saddle that is tailored to their individual preferences and needs, ensuring maximum comfort and performance.
- Advanced Technology: Prestige incorporates the X-Technology tree system, which provides increased flexibility and shock absorption. 
CPS Technology: CPS is a patented technology that combines a carbon fiber tree, an advanced panel system, and other design features to provide a lightweight, flexible, and durable saddle.
- Adjustable Tree: All Prestige trees have the ability to be widened or narrowed depending on the shape of each individual horse. Unlike other adjustable trees, the Prestige tree is designed to be altered without dismantling the saddle in any way.
- Panel Configurations:  Prestige also offers a range of gullet widths and panel configurations to ensure a perfect fit for each horse. It's important to work with a qualified saddle fitter to determine which tree type and configuration is best for your horse's unique conformation.
- Attention to Detail: They are known for their attention to detail in their craftsmanship, ensuring every saddle is made with precision and care. They offer a wide range of accessories, such as stirrup leathers and girths, that are designed to complement and enhance the performance of its saddles.
Prestige has maintained a global presence and is widely recognized for their excellence in craftsmanship and innovation in design, and are backed by many of the world's top riders. 
How can I get fitted for a Prestige Saddle?
To schedule your Prestige fitting, or to answer any questions, please call or text the store at 425-454-9453, and visit the link below:
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