Horse Grooming Basics

Horse Grooming Basics

haflinger horse standing with beautiful mane

Daily grooming of your horse is important for so many reasons. It strengthens the bond between you and your horse as well as helps ensure that the overall health of your horse is in tip top shape.

Begin with safely securing your horse in a location that is well ventilated and has adequate light. Use a hoof pick to clean debris from your horses hooves. During this time you may want to use one of your favorite hoof conditioners to help dry out a wet hoof or add moisture depending upon weather conditions. It's also a good time to administer any hoof care products to keep the tissue healthy. 

Once done a tail detangler spray should be applied. Frequent use of a quality detangler spray will help keep your horses tangle free and moisturized. At this point you might find it helpful to tie your horse's tail in a simple knot to keep it out of the way while you groom hind legs.

Using a grooming tool (curry comb, shedding blade, etc) work from head to tail on each side and take care when grooming sensitive spots like legs and belly. Gentle circular motions help lift dander from the skin and makes most horses feel very special:)

Again work from head to tail on each side using your favorite brushes. A dandy brush (stiff) is used to remove hair, mud, etc. A softer finishing/body brush is then used to lift the last remaining  dirt from your horses coat. Last, a soft face brush is used to clean your beautiful horses darling face.

Depending upon the time of the year you may apply a nourishing coat spray and/or fly spray.

Grooming is an essential part of horse ownership. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us to discuss.

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