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Eqyss Premier Shampoo

Eqyss Premier Shampoo

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The finest equine shampoo available. You will notice a difference the first time you use it. Makes your horse or pony shiny and radiant. Leaves the hair shaft completely clean, without coating the hair. Premier uses a formula of natural botanical extracts to gently cleanse and intensify colors. Making whites brilliant, browns richer, and darks even darker and shinier than ever before. Restores moisture, balance, and strength to the coat, mane, and tail.
Tropical scent.

- Gently cleanses without harsh soaps or detergents
- Rinses out quickly and easily, leaving no residue
- Adds a high gloss shine to coat, main and tail
- Silicone free
- pH balanced

Available in 32 oz bottle.

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