Aluminum Vector LeMieux Stirrups
LeMieux break away stirrups
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LeMieux Vector Balance Stirrup - Aluminum

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The LeMieux Vector stirrups are a new generation of safety stirrup - great advanced technology and lightweight, but retaining a classic style expected.

  • Ergonomic footplate of the Balance Stirrup is set at 5º 
  • Stirrup bed with grip, weight balancing, and impact technology
    • Grip surface with steel pins
    • Impact and vibrations are absorbed at the point of landing when jumping. This reduces the fatigue to the knee and ankle and lowers the stress on leg muscles and tendons
    • Twin balance arch system that distributes the weight evenly across the base of the stirrup
    • The frame is recessed and off-set at 45º outward angle which makes it easier for the rider to locate the optimum angle for the foot and regain a lost stirrup
  • Integrated safety arm has a two-stage release system, preventing unintentional opening