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17" Prestige X D2 K Free Monoflap Dressage Saddle

17" Prestige X D2 K Free Monoflap Dressage Saddle

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The X-D2 K Free was derived using the X-D2 tree, but with a square cantle that places the rider closer to the horse without blocking movement. The tree is unisex, making it very comfortable for both male and female riders. The panels feature a half-moon cut out which will not interfere with the horse's shoulders. The seat is much wider towards the cantle than a traditional Dressage saddle. This helps to improve the rider's balance as well as distribute the rider's weight across a broader surface. The tree contains two large membranes, obtained by applying our new technological procedure OTI (Over Tree Injection). The blocks are anatomically shaped and positioned higher on the flap to provide freedom for the rider's knees. The front billets are secured to the saddle with heavy-duty elastic, which expands and contracts with the horse. The rear billets are attached using our new “close-contact” attachment system which helps to reduce the thickness of material under the rider's thigh. This saddle comes with the F23.0 Trapezium Pad for a perfect fit.

The unique polymer tree is fully adjustable on a machine and boasts a lifetime warranty. Integrated wool flocked panels are easily adjusted to fit any horse. We are proud to be the only dealer on the West coast to have the Prestige saddle tree adjustment machine. Our resident saddle fitter has been authorized as a Prestige saddle adjuster. This allows your Prestige saddle to be widened or narrowed in our store based on your horse's needs. Prestige trees can be adjusted up or down 2cm from the original tree stamp. This offers 5 different tree sizes in one saddle without damaging the tree structurally. 

Seat sizes 16", 17" and 18"
Tree sizes: S (fits up to a 31 tree size), M (fits a 32 - 34 tree sizes), L (fits 34 tree size and over) - Adjustable tree
Different block sizes available
Different flap lengths and forward projections available

In Stock Saddle Details:

  • 17" Seat
  • X D2 K Free Monoflap
  • Wool Flocked
  • 15.5" Flap
  • Large Size Block
  • 'M' (32cm - 34cm) Adjustable Tree
  • Black Leather

With your new saddle purchase at Olson's Tack Shop we offer a 1 time complimentary tree adjustment within the first 30 days of purchase. Please note that saddles can not be adjusted prior to a trial period, only after you have confirmed your purchase. Our tree adjustments are done in store and take a minimum of 36hrs.

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