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Stubben Hamanol Leather Dressing

Stubben Hamanol Leather Dressing

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Stubben Hamanol Leather Dressing is the perfect way to condition your fine leather goods after cleansing them with Stubben Glycerin Saddle Soap. Stubben Hamanol is specially formulated to "feed" and revitalize leather without darkening it like some other products. Its soft, paste-like form leaves leather soft and shiny, and can be used to buff out small scratches and blemishes in leather. Hamanol is designed to leave no sticky residue behind, and is guaranteed not to rot stitching.

Stubben Hamanol Leather Dressing Features:

  • Natural Emollients Moisturize Leather
  • Buffs Out Small Scratches and Blemishes
  • Leaves No Residue
  • Will Not Rot Stitching
  • Suitable for All Smooth Leathers

250 Gram Tube

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