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Fager Julia Sweet Iron Loose Ring

Fager Julia Sweet Iron Loose Ring

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The Julia Sweet Iron bit from Fager is perfect for horses that can be described as follows:

  • Strong in the hand, pulling and leaning on the bit
  • Sensitive in the mouth but feels stiff
  • Inconsistent contact 
  • Difficult to find a bit that makes them happy

The double-jointed mouthpiece creates space for the tongue, which relieves constant tongue pressure that some horses strongly dislike.

The copper roller is a clever design that is positioned lower than the joints, which increases the point-pressure on the tongue. This creates pressure when the horse leans or pulls on the bit without having to apply constant pressure.

Additionally, the copper roller also gives horses something to play with, which is perfect for those horses who can feel numb to the contact.

The sweet iron combined with the copper creates a taste in the mouth that is easily accepted by even the most difficult or picky of horses. This bit is effective at increasing acceptance and a steady contact.

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