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Fager Nina Titanium Loose Ring - 5 3/4"

Fager Nina Titanium Loose Ring - 5 3/4"

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The Nina Loose Ring bit from Fager is a barreled titanium bit that gives a fast, natural locking effect in any direction. This stable design is perfect for horses who need to actively seek more contact without becoming too rigid.  This bit has a natural shape in the mouth which makes for a very comfortable experience for the horse. 

The Nina mouthpiece is well suited to horses with sensitive mouths who easily sustain cuts and wounds in the corners of their mouths.

This bit is designed to offer extra stability for more direct, effective communication to make it less confusing for horse who don't respond instinctively to the aids. 

This bit is a perfect addition to the bits that you alternate through regularly to vary the pressure points and keep focused communication.

Nina is a great choice if you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Pulls against contact yet reactive to increases in pressure
  • Unsteady in the contact
  • Feels stiff in standard straight bits
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