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*Bridle2Fit Rolled Double Bridle - Cob

*Bridle2Fit Rolled Double Bridle - Cob

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Size: Cob

Luxurious bridles with the horses fit and comfort as top priority. This line from The Netherlands features everything the dressage and event rider could want in a bridle. The best part is that because of the wide range of fitting options we can fit virtually any horse or pony without the custom price. Ambassadors Laura Graves and Kasey Perry-Glass have chosen these as their bridles of choice. 

Double bridle "as shown" features:

  • Crownpiece HP-3: A crownpiece with a spacious and padded cutout for the ears, and a wider cut means a more even distribution of pressure (Medium)
  • Noseband S5: An ergonomic, padded noseband with a sweeping cut that relieves pressure from the sensitive facial nerves (Cob)
  • Rolled leather
  • Curved browband with pearl and clear crystals (40cm)
  • Cheek length (21cm)
  • Noseband back strap length (60cm)
  • Thin noseband pillow (13cm)
  • Rolled throat lash (45cm)
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