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17" Prestige X Advanced, +2 Forward Monoflap Medium Wide (33cm) Tree

17" Prestige X Advanced, +2 Forward Monoflap Medium Wide (33cm) Tree

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Love the Prestige DX or Sinead models? Check out its GREAT replacement below! 

Monoflap saddle specifically designed for Cross Country. It offers the rider comfort and freedom of movement throughout the entire time they are jumping. The cantle never interferes with the rider, especially when coming off of a fence. The saddle guarantees excellent contact thanks to the narrow twist. The front blocks follow the anatomy of the leg and are placed on the knee pads, ensuring stability and safety. There are inserts in pansy leather on the back of the cantle, on the flaps stirrup leather keepers and on the channel between the panels, for a unique and attractive look. X Technology is an wonderful addition to this saddle. This technology has elastic membranes, positioned to fall directly below the seat bones, making the seat extremely soft. The panels are also a new design, made of a honeycomb structure combines with a soft, spongy fabric. These panels, with their anatomical shape, afford the utmost freedom of movement to the muscles along the horse's back.

The unique polymer tree is fully adjustable on a machine and boasts a lifetime warranty. Integrated wool flocked panels are easily adjusted to fit any horse. We are proud to be the only dealer on the West coast to have the Prestige saddle tree adjustment machine. Our resident saddle fitter, Courtney Dale, has been authorized as a Prestige saddle adjuster. This allows your Prestige saddle to be widened or narrowed in our store based on your horse's needs.

  • X Advanced Monoflap
  • Flocked Panel
  • 33cm Adjustable Tree
  • A Forward Flap
  • Tobacco calfskin
  • Protection Strip
  • Brand New

Tree sizes from 29 cm to 37 cm
Seat sizes 17" and 18"
Different flap lengths and forward projections available

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