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Fager Sara Titanium Loose Ring

Fager Sara Titanium Loose Ring

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The Sara bit from Fager is a good fit for horses that can be described as follows:

  • Difficulty seeking contact
  • Frequently falling behind the contact
  • Sticks their tongue out
  • Chomps frantically at the bit
  • Young/green horses
  • Feels stiff in other standard straight bits

Sara has the best shape for a horse that a straight bit can have. It follows the natural curves of the horse's mouth. An anatomical straight bit with pressure distribution that will give your horse great comfort.  This shape, in combination with titanium, will give the extra wow-factor you have been looking for! Sara is the perfect bit to combine with your other bits. We recommend switch between bits, to change the pressure. Thickness 14mm. Competition Approved!

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