lemieux wool wash

LeMieux Wool Wash

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Scientifically formulated to maintain lambskin and lambswool. It is an essential part of cleaning any wool-lined saddle pad or half pad. It's unique blend of surfactants and conditioning agents support the sheepskin and will give an improved luster and feel to wool.

Features Include:

Washes and disinfects wool fibres
Suitable for lambskin, merino, wool, and fleece products
Conditions the leather, keeping it soft and supple
Contains Tea Tree Oil which is a natural fungicide and miticide
Utilizes antimicrobial agent DMDM Hydantoin
Effective against fungi and bacteria
Prevents the breakdown of wool fibers and extends their life
Does not contain harmful enzymes, phosphates, peroxide, or bleach
Lid measures 40 ml
Total bottle size: 1 Litre
Instructions for use:

Machine Wash: Pour 40 ml of Wool Wash over the wool area, cool/gentle cycle
Hand Wash: Use warm water, use 20 ml of Wool Wash per item, work into the wool for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water until it runs clear, repeat washing steps if still soiled
Drying: Allow to dry away from direct heat or strong sun