Event Sponsorship

Olson’s Tack Shop is proud to lend our support to various equestrian competitions and special events throughout the Pacific Northwest! Olson’s frequently supports large and small horse shows of all disciplines through the donation of Olson’s gift cards and merchandise for use as awards and prizes. An Olson’s Tack Shop sponsorship relationship includes the following:

In reciprocation for donated items, Olson’s requests that event promoters provide:

  • Distribution of Olson's Tack Shop promotional materials in competitor registration packets (one per competitor)
  • Use of competitor mailing list
  • Program advertisement
  • Website mention with other sponsors of similar level
  • Vendor space if available
  • Banners displayed at event (provided by Olson's Tack Shop)
  • PA Announcement to be read throughout event
  • Olson's Tack Shop Raffle Contest set up at awards tent or show office for competitors to participate in, and raffle returned to Olson's Tack Shop.

In order to consider a request for sponsorship, we need to receive an electronic Online Sponsorship Form a minimum of 90 days in advance of the event or program start date. Decisions will be made on a quarterly basis. Factors for sponsorship include organization size, exposure, current support of Olson's Tack Shop, social media outreach, and more.

The Online Sponsorship Form can be found HERE