Consignment at Olson's

Benefits of consigning with Olson’s Tack Shop

  • Olson’s has over 70 years of serving the equestrian community
  • We work by appointment to schedule a time to drop off your items
  • Our customers know the value of your high quality items

Make sure:

  • To schedule an appointment
  • All items must be clean and in “show ready” condition
  • Clothes must be on hangers
  • Boots must be cleaned and polished
  • Tack must be cleaned and conditioned
  • Items are brought in at least 1 hour prior to closing

We take:

  • Items that will retail for $25 and up
  • Tall Boots With Zippers - need to be clean and polished (show condition)
  • Paddock Boots and Half Chaps
  • High Quality Breeches
  • Current, lightly warn, apparel
  • Show Clothing
  • Tack including bits, bridles, quality horse boots - needs to be clean and in good condition
  • Unique Gifts

We do not take:

  • Helmets
  • Safety vests
  • Pull-on tall boots (i.e. without zippers)
  • Horse blankets, shipping boots, polo wraps, quilts, etc.
  • Grooming products
  • Show shirts with ratcatcher collars
  • Breeches with the following attributes:
    • knee patch with no euro-seat
    • plaid or patterned adult breeches
    • high waist or pleated breeches
  • Old style hunt coats including:
    • very long dressage coats
    • light colors such as tan, light grey, etc.
    • wool or heavy fabrics
  • Equitation boots that are lined in fleece or wool
  • Any items that will retail under $25

At any point Olson’s Tack Shop shall determine the acceptability of, and has the right to refuse or return, or dispose of any item.

For items we don’t take consider donating to Little Bit Therapeutic Riding, Seattle Mounted Patrol, and/or Save A Forgotten Equine (S.A.F.E.).

How to consign with Olson’s Tack Shop

  1. We require you schedule an appointment by calling 425-454-9453 or emailing
  2. Consignor shall receive a copy of the signed Consignor Contract, which includes an Itemized List.
  3. Consignor agrees to leave the items for at least 60 days.
  4. A new Consignor Contract shall be signed each time any new item is consigned.
  5. At the time of each consignment, Consignor shall choose a payment method of either Olson’s Tack Shop Store Credit or Check, minus applicable fees and commissions. Failure to designate a payment method shall result in payment in the form of Olson’s Tack Shop Store Credit. Consignor will receive 40% of consigning price if being paid by check. Checks issued on the 15th of each month. Consignor will receive 60% of consignment price if choosing store credit.
  6. Unless specified by Consignor, Olson’s Tack Shop shall determine pricing on all consigned items.
  7. Unsold goods shall be picked up prior to the Contract expiration date.
  8. All articles are consigned for a period of four months/120 days. Consignor is solely responsible to keep track of the Consignor Contract expiration date.
  9. Any unsold item that remains in Olson’s Tack Shop at 10 days after expiration of the Contract becomes the property of Olson’s Tack Shop and may be disposed of as Olson’s Tack Shop sees fit, including but not limited to donation to a charity.
  10. Merchandise removed before the end of the consignment period shall incur a processing charge of $10.00 per item.

Download our Consignment Contract

More questions? Email: