Butet Saddle Fittings
Expert Saddle Fittings by Charlotte Le Roux

Butet Saddle Fittings
October 25th & 26th

Charlotte Le Roux - Owner of Butet USA - will be here on Friday and Saturday 10/25 & 26 performing saddle fittings in the area for Dressage and Close Contact saddles.

The quality and longevity of Butet saddles is known around the world. A wide array of fitting options are available to you and your horse. Choose seat size and depth, perfect the flap length and angle, and build a custom panel that perfectly forms to your horse's back. All customizations are included in the price of a new saddle.

If you've been considering a Butet, this is a perfect opportunity to be fitted by the expert.

During this event, every saddle purchased will come with a free pair of Stirrup Leathers ($295 value).


Appointments Required. Please call or text 425-454-9453, or email info@olsonstack.com