Custom Boots

Custom Boots at Olson's

Here at Olson's Tack Shop we have over two decades of experience pairing the perfect boot with each rider.

Mike Akers has spent years perfecting his fitting technique, working with a multitude of boot manufacturers, and fitting hundreds of boots for happy customers. We know that the decision to design and order a custom pair of boots is a big one, and we take our job very seriously. Keep reading to learn what styles we offer and what to expect at your boot fitting.
Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Please give us a call or shoot us a text. We have a wide range of resources and would love to discuss making your dream a reality.

If you're interested in ordering some boots, or if you have any questions we would love to chat! Contact us via text or call at 425-454-9453, email us at, or stop by the store any time. Appointments are required for custom fittings.

What to expect at your fitting:

  • Plan 30-45 minutes for your appointment.
  • If possible, please wear your breeches and riding socks. If you wear orthotics, or any special braces please bring them with you so we can fit the boot accordingly.
  • We will start by discussing the type of boot you are interested in and looking at examples of different brands and styles that might work best for your needs.
  • While you are contemplating style, we will take a complete set of lower leg and foot measurements.
  • Last but not least, we will help you decide on the final design!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Custom boots are made-to-order. They take between 4 and 10 weeks depending on which brand and style you choose. Please plan accordingly if you are hoping to have them for a show or event.
  • Just because you don't see a style here or in-store does not mean it's not possible! Please let us know your vision. We love making dream boots a reality.

Pick your style

Check out the models we love: Boot styles are organized from least to most stiff.

Semi-Custom Fabbri Pro Boot

The beautiful fit and feel of the Fabbri Pro boot is available in a semi-custom option! Choose from the standard sizing, but personalize them the way you want. Five different styles of custom tops can be added in over 50 different accent leathers. Field (laces) or dress (no laces) options available

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DeNiro Salento Calfskin Boot

Customize the lovely DeNiro Salento calfskin boot with hundreds of top leathers, toe caps, and more. You'll love the super comfortable foot bed and the easy break-in of these boots. Field (laces) or dress (no laces) options available.

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Full Custom Fabbri

This boot is perfect for our riders who want the perfect fit, with a little bit of custom flair. Choose from a multitude of beautiful base colors, add a custom top, toe, and heel, and enjoy a pair of boots made specifically for your legs. The full custom Fabbri is available in two different stiffness options and is custom down to the shape of the foot. A thin, hand-crafted sole keeps you in close contact with the stirrup. Can be ordered with an OnTyte integrated sole.

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Konig Prince

The Prince features the quality, fit, and longevity of all Konigs packaged in a soft leather dress boot. This boot is soft nappa leather on the outside with a soft pigskin lining. This is a great boot for schooling and showing when you don't want the stiffness of a traditional dressage boot. A rear zipper is included in the base price. Customize as your heart desires with a variety of outer leather colors, custom curves, and to detailing.

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Konig Polo "Special" Laced

This boot is a work of art. Comes standard with a full length split up the front, and laced closed with your choice of laces. The top is fastened by a snap closure. Comes standard with an elegant punched toe cap. The laces along the front allow for an adjustable calf fit with each ride. Made with a soft inner panel for increased contact with your horse and less rubbing on the knee. Stiff exterior for elegant lines and a secure lower leg. Worried about lacing every ride? We can easily add a zipper to the inner front so you can have the look without the hassle.

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Konig Polo "New Style" Zip

The Polo style of boot is split up the front to allow for a more tapered ankle, more stiffness along the back, and an attractive finish. Soft through the ankle for ease of wear, but stiff along the upper for stability. The New Style features a full length front zipper that is secured at the top by a flattering buckle. This boot can be customized with a variety of leather colors, buckle options, toe punching, and more. Create these boots in patent, suede, or with Swarovski crystals.

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DeNiro Raffaello Custom

This beautiful DeNiro Dressage boot has quickly become a staple in the dressage community. Our customers love how comfortable the foot bed feels and how quickly these boots break in. The inside panel is a soft leather for greater contact with the horse. The outside has a few extra layers of leather for a stiffer, more secure leg. The ankle is tapered for a lovely silhouette.
Custom options on these boots are virtually endless. Choose colors, leather style, buckles, zippers, and your preferred level of stiffness. If you can imagine it, we can design it.

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Konig Noblesse

Made famous by Charlotte Dujardin, the Noblesse is in a class of it's own. This boot was designed with a more tapered ankle to achieve a more modern silhouette, yet still retains the stiffness and function of a more traditional boot. The newly designed zipper curves forward towards the arch of the foot for increased comfort and utility. A ridged outer helps secure your lower leg, however the inner calf is composed of softer nappa leather for a closer contact feel of your horse. Comes in black with a full length zipper, leather soles, and a snap top closure. Many custom options available including unique color choices and embellishments. This is the perfect boot for professionals and amateurs alike.

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Konig Favorite

This beautiful dressage boot lives up to it's name! Also known as the K5000, the Favorite is our most traditional dressage boot option and is a go-to boot for many riders. A ridged outer helps secure your lower leg, but retains some flexibility in the ankle. Stock options are available, however these are also incredibly customizable. Choose your favorite base leather color, custom top styling, and a multitude of crystal options.

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Konig Grandgester

If you're looking for a traditional dressage boot, look no further than the Grandgester (also referred to as the K7000). Hand sewn seams, a stiff upper leg, and high quality calf leather will keep these boots lasting and looking great for years to come. Available with 6cm standard spanish top, or with 7cm extra tall top. Add specialty leather, crystals, and more.

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Time to schedule your own boot fitting?

Please contact the shop directly to schedule. We can be reached at 425-454-9453 via call or text, or email us at

Store Hours: Pacific Standard Time

  • Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 5:30pm
  • Saturday: 9:30am - 5:00pm
  • Sunday: 11:00am - 5:00pm

If you are unable to make it in during store hours we would be happy to work with you to find a time that works with your schedule. We also travel to various shows, clinics, and events throughout the year and can coordinate fittings right there on the showgrounds.